BBQ Hoods: You Need One?

Family get-togethers are some of the most important occasions that we have in life. We are always busy, but when that rare opportunity presents its self, we do not need anything to spoil the party for us.

Do you agree? When you are in the middle of the celebrations and bunch of smoke emerge from your kitchen and accumulate where your guests are listening to some fascinating program over the radio or watching some great news, you cannot be pleased.

Many people choose the best portable radio to buy in 2019 to be able to entertain their guests. This mostly happens when their celebrations are taking place outside. But they also go for the best hoods so that smoke or heart from their kitchen do not interfere with their party.

Which is Better? Vented or Unvented Hood

There is no doubt that you will benefit much more if you vent the air outdoors. As such, if you want a system that will remove steam, heat, and others to keep your kitchen clean and safe, the best solution is a vented hood.

However, since it is not practical to install them in some apartments, you may have to consider unvented ones. They will filter some grease as well as cooking odor and then recirculate the air into the kitchen. But they only remove a small amount of heat and humidity. Thus, most professionals consider that they are nowhere near as efficient as their vented counterparts.

Benefits of Vented Hoods

Reduce Smoke, Heat, and Steam

As you can see, cooking without the right hood can be uncomfortable. Too much heat, steams, smoke, and unpleasant odors can try your patience to the extreme. Professional cooks know this and do not want to put their lives at risk. Thus, if you too want to make the life of your guests as well as yours peaceful, ensure your kitchen feature the appropriate hood.

Can Experiment with More Cuisines

Venting hoods give you plenty of practical ways to remove odors. In turn, you can experiment with various cuisines. Think about the many different things you have contemplated doing in your kitchen but hesitated due to the possibility of your whole house and surrounding smelling for days. Once you have the right hood, you will have no reason to worry about bringing back all types of foods, including exotic vegetables, sauces, and fish, back on to the menu whenever you want.

Improve Air Quality

 Hoods bring many health benefits. It eliminates the excess moisture, prevent the formation of sticky film that attracts disease-causing organisms and encourages the inflow of fresh outside air. For that matter, an adequately installed hood is what you need to improve the air quality of your kitchen area, your house, and your entire compound. This is indeed useful to all people, but those with breathing complications and allergies can reap the most out of it.

What to Consider When Buying Hood

Fan Power

Remember, only vented hoods have pans. If you are looking for one, first consider the fan power. If possible, go for nothing lower than 1200 CFM. In simple terms, CFM refers to the amount of air that a fan can move. As, it is evident that the higher the quantity, the better.


The type of hood that you deserve should be larger than your grill. This makes it easy to prevent smoke from escaping. We recommend that you consider one that in between 6 and eight inches larger than the head of your grill.


The materials used to manufacture your hood will determine its longevity. Sometimes, it can be quite challenging to decide on the value of the elements, especially if you are not an expert in this field. The best trick is to buy products that the relevant, credible regulators have accredited. Look for companies that also offer you an extensive warranty. Since they are in business, they will do all the due diligence to ensure they only stock the highest quality.


Unvented hoods heavily rely on filters to do their work. While the models you will find on the market have replaceable charcoal filters to try to make your life and that of your guests highly bearable, some of their features are not the same. Ensure you choose one that has a well-fitted multi-layered baffle or mesh filters. This will ensure that it properly traps grease particles. You can always clean them in the dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

Hoods are some of the essential appliances in your kitchen. When you have important family meetings or celebrations, they can ensure you remain comfortable and healthy throughout your stay. They do this by capturing and eliminating all the things that can contaminate your air and keeping your entire kitchen and house cool. As such, you need the right hood to be able to have the freedom that you deserve when you are cooking for your family of your friends. Follow this guide, and your hood will perform up to par.

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